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Our History

Scaffolding Solutions was established in 1985 under the former name of Scaffolding Services, and is a division of Vassallo Builders Limited. We were among the first to introduce scaffolding in the Maltese Islands using cuplock and tube & fitting systems. Scaffolding Solutions' first major projects were the Kordin Grain Silos followed shortly by the Malta International Airport Terminal Buildings in the late 1980s which were projects being carried out by Vassallo Builders. Since then, Scaffolding Solutions has evolved and expanded its services to meet the requirements of all Contractors, Hoteliers, Government Agencies, Churches, Event Organisers, Home Owners and other industries and individuals! Most importantly, we pride ourselves in having satisfied hundreds of clients and aim to appease many more in the coming years.

What We Do

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Scaffolding Solutions provides a service to the Construction, Restoration and Building Maintenance Industries. Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support people and material and is usually made up of a modular system of metal pipes and fittings. Our service includes hiring out the scaffold system in which case we deliver, assemble and dismantle. We also offer our clients competitive purchase terms on both new and used equipment. All our scaffold assemblies are certified safe for use by professional Engineers prior to handover to our clients.

Our Capabilities

Our well trained and motivated workforce has a wealth of experience in the scaffolding industry. The team is lead by the Scaffolding Works Manager who is available to meet potential clients to discuss their particular needs and offer them a feasible solution within the shortest time possible. We have a large stock of equipment that is regularly inspected and maintained at our scaffold yard. All equipment is manufactured by ISO certified companies and conforms to the relevant British Standards / European Norms. Once the scaffold has been erected, it is certified by our Engineers ensuring all quality and safety measures have been adhered to prior to relinquishing control to the client.

Our Systems

Tube & Fitting

Scaffolding Solutions are experts in the traditional tube and fitting type of scaffolding systems which can be constructed to meet any requirements. The system consist of a series of galvanised steel tubes having varying lengths, steel couplers or fittings which hold the tubes together, and timber boards used for decking. Working scaffolds using this system provide a safe work environment with suitable secure access to the work area. The flexibility of this system enables a structure to be erected on the most complex of geometries including protruding balconies, curved facades, irregular alignments and on uneven ground. This is the ideal system when a large and heavy load needs to be supported such as high level structural slabs. The system also has the flexibility to be constructed as a truss therefore being able to achieve great spans from its supports. Practically any shape can be constructed from the tube and fitting system.


This modular system is very popular for use in the Construction Industry and is ideal for continuous facades and birdcage structures with any type of symmetrical grid pattern. The system consists of a series of Standards (vertical galvanised steel pipes) with locking plates spaced over the length of the pipe and Ledgers (horizontal galvanised steel pipes) which fasten together making a rigid joint. This system is typically faster to construct than the traditional system and also offers high load carrying capacities whilst also being a safe structure for workers.

SM8 Multidirectional

This modular system is ideal for the construction of independent towers, for the restoration and renovation of facades where safe and sturdy access is the primary objective. The SM8 system consists of Standards onto which a node made of an octagonal plate is welded every 500mm. This node point is provided with eight shaped holes to receive fast-fitting joints welded on to the ends of ledgers, transoms and diagonals. The floor plates and toe boards are made from galvanised steel panels. Various standard components can be added to the system including trap doors, ladders and safety railings.

Temporary Fencing & Hoarding

Modular temporary fencing has become a mandatory requirement to delineate any construction works from the general public. To this effect, we can provide a comprehensive range of Temporary Fencing systems that ensure a safe and secure environment. However temporary fencing is not only required for the construction industry. It can be used for pedestrian traffic containment such as Concerts, Fairs and Exhibitions. The fencing has been designed to be anti-climbable and can be fitted with gates to allow for the ingress and egress of vehicles or pedestrians. When privacy is a requirement, wooden or steel panels can be fitted to either a temporary fence or a robust tubular structure to creating a hoarded barrier.

Safety Handrails

Besides having all necessary scaffold structures equipped with Safety Handrails, we also offer a handrail solution to the construction site that requires edge restraints. Our lightweight galvanised steel edge protection system provides a quick, easy and safe edge protection in every instance at the slab edge.

Access Hoists

To compliment the need to provide customers with access to their scaffold structures, Scaffolding Solutions can offer the use of Material and Personnel Hoists. Our range of heavy lift material and personnel hoists can be erected within the tightest of confined spaces and provide convenient access where cranes would not reach.


Here are some of our past projects.
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Working Platforms for Restoration Works
Enclosure of Façade of the Presidential Palace while restoration works are underway
Access stairs in Valletta
Covered Pedestrian Walkway to safely allow works overhead
Private 3rd party wall to be plastered and painted.
Façade being restored in Valletta.
Cantilevered Platform to allow the Decoration or enclosure of a Façade without affecting the underlying pavement.
Balcony restoration in Naxxar.



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